Get to KNOW Restaurant Sync.

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Welcome to RestaurantSYNC

We unite California’s vibrant culinary community under one powerful network. Teaming up with The California Restaurant Association (CRA), we champion policies that support the continued health and vitality of 130,000 dining and drinking establishments across the state.

With 1.5 million employees and $107 billion in taxable sales contributed to California’s GDP in 2023, the significance of our industry cannot be overstated. While the CRA continues to be a respected voice representing the foodservice industry for over 100 years, the threat of business-killing legislation persists annually. Restaurant operators face daily threats to their continued operation. Restaurant Sync calls on the 130k foodservice businesses to engage with legislators both locally and in Sacramento, sharing the daily challenges of operating a restaurant and providing real-world context when legislation which impacts the industry is being considered.

Enter Restaurant Sync – the network that empowers 130k foodservice businesses to advocate for policies that safeguard their interests. There is no cost to join. As a member, you’ll receive timely action alerts when pivotal legislation is on the table. And to sweeten the pot – Restaurant Sync members enjoy exclusive discounts on essential products and services, including workers compensation insurance, offered exclusively through partnership with the California Restaurant Association.

Join us as we synchronize our voices, fortify our industry, and savor the sweet taste of collective advocacy.